Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Man smoking an e-cigarette as he drives a car

#SaludTues Tweetchat 6/13: The Truth about E-Cigs

A rising number of middle and high school kids, especially Latinos, are smoking electronic cigarettes, according to a National Institutes of Health report. What are real dangers behind e-cigs and similar products? Can these hook kids...
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#SaludTues Tweetchat 6/6: National Men’s Health Month

Newsflash: Men and women are different. Of course, men don't have to go through what many women go through in reproductive health, such as pregnancy, giving birth, and other issues. But men do fare worse in...
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#SaludTues Bilingual Tweetchat 5/30: Connecting Minority Youth to Opportunity

More Latino and Black youth are “disconnected”—not in school and not working—than their White peers, according to recent County Health Rankings data. How can we connect more minority youth to healthy, successful futures? Let’s use #SaludTues...
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#SaludTues Tweetchat 1p ET 5/23: How to Help People Move More, Sit Less

We shouldn’t have to shake up our daily routines to get the mental and physical benefits of physical activity. But for Latino families, physical activity often isn't a daily norm. In fact, Latino-majority schools provide less...
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#SaludTues Tweetchat 5/16: Get the Facts – Latinos, Hepatitis, and Liver Cancer

May is #HepatitisAwarenessMonth. The number of U.S. Latinos with hepatitis C (2.6%) is higher than the number of overall people with hepatitis C (1.3%). Hepatitis C disease progression has also shown to be faster in...
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#SaludTues Tweetchat 5/9: Latino Kids and Healthy Minds

A child needs more than nutritious food and physical activity to be healthy. They need healthy minds, too. But 1 in 5 children today suffer a serious mental illness. Depressive symptoms among Latino youth are especially...
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#SaludTues Tweetchat 5/2: Latinos and the Crisis of Air Quality

Did you know air pollution is the world’s biggest environmental health threat? Air pollution causes 7 million premature deaths a year, according to WHO data. It is linked to heart disease, stroke, cancer, asthma, and...

#SaludTues Tweetchat 4/25: Healthy Kids Day, Summer and Life

So many good things happen when kids go outside and play. Kids who are physically active have better grades, school attendance, and behavior than kids who aren’t, according to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports...
latino family for minority health month

#SaludTues Tweetchat 4/18: National Minority Health Month!

Minorities often deal with lots of obstacles that prevent them from getting the best healthcare possible. Language, cultural stigmas, lack of access and information, and segregation are just some big issues facing minorities. Having “good”...
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#SaludTues Tweetchat 4/11: Sleep for Salud

Sleep. Everyone needs it—and wants it. Not getting enough sleep can contribute to heart attacks, diabetes, obesity and other serious health issues that affect Latinos more, CDC reports. For Sleep Awareness Month in April, let's use #SaludTues...

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