About SaludToday

crowdBy 2050, 1 in 3 people in the U.S. will be Latino.

Yet Latinos suffer health inequities and higher burdens of certain health conditions compared to whites.

Enter SaludToday.

SaludToday is an interactive blog and social media campaign to raise awareness about Latino health issues and build capacity for health behavior changes among Latinos.

SaludToday, developed by Dr. Amelie Ramirez and the Institute for Health Promotion Research at the University of Texas Health San Antonio (formerly UT Health Science Center at San Antonio), brings you the latest stories, research, and news on different aspects of Latino health, including cancer, obesity, health equity, and how to grow a culture of health.

SaludToday also features content from Dr. Ramirez’s other projects:

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Together we can make huge leaps in improving Latino health!

Note: SaludToday provides health news, stories, videos and information for general knowledge and awareness. We cannot answer personal medical questions or give medical advice. Concerns about a medical condition should be directed to a health care professional.