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Report: More Latinos Move to Long-Term Care Facilities

Traditionally, Latino American seniors have lived out their years at home, receiving care from family members—but as economic factors shift, more Latino elders are moving to nursing homes or going to day centers to receive additional support, according to a PBS NewsHour report.

In a new video, PBS NewsHour’s Mary Jo Brooks reports on how some facilities have addressed the need.

Telenovelas: Are Spanish-Language Soap Operas Good for Your Health?

The latest in Spanish-language soap operas, or telenovelas, are more than just about romance and personal scandal, they’re debuting some very clear messages on health care for Latinos in the U.S., specifically Colorado, PBS Newshour reports.

Read more about the new telenovelas here or watch this video.

Watch Are Spanish-Language Soap Operas Good for Your Health? on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

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